101 Ways To Be A KICKASS Stepmom

101 tips, strategies and mindset shifts that will transform your stepfamily life



• How to have a HEALTHY co-parenting relationship ... even in the most high conflict situations 
• How to stop feeling insecure about being the "second wife"
• What to say when your stepkids say “I don’t have to listen to you, you’re not my mom”
• How to introduce an “ours baby” into your blended family crew
• All things stepkids & discipline 
• How to take control of your stepfamily dynamic and be the expert on your own life
• How to minimize conflict, even if the ex seems to thrive off it
• How to get on the same page as your husband
• How to make sure you’re prepared if/when you return to court
• How to live a KICK-ASS Life amongst all the extra stressors that come with being a stepmom

And so much more! 


" I can’t tell you how much your blogs and posts and stories and photos have helped and made this crazy adventure feel normal! Even though you’re hundreds of miles away, it’s incredible how helpful and connected I feel to your story! "

Fellow Stepmom

"Because of you, your blog, and your candid advice... I can now say that I no longer worry about what anyone thinks, how his ex feels about sabotaging our relationship, or that my moments of insecurity or tears are anything less than normal. From the bottom of my heart. thank you..."

Fellow Stepmom

"I can't be more thankful for your ebook and your blog! Finding another stepmom who "gets it" has been a game changer for me! I've spent the past 5 years being so stressed out and disappointed... Reading your ebook and blog have helped to change my perspective completely. I know I must be the bigger person and make the first step if I want to see change in our co-parenting relationship. I have since emailed my step-daughter's mother in an attempt to have better communication and provide a more united front for our girl. Surprisingly, the email was received well and there was even some agreement from her on my concerns, as well as a plan for moving forward more positively. I can't thank Jamie enough for her insight and realness on this incredibly hard journey we stepmoms find ourselves on"

Fellow Stepmom

Just incase you're new here...


I'm Jamie Scrimgeour.

Personally, I'm a coffee and wine loving second wife, stepmom of three and mom of one.

Professionally, I'm a Blended Family Parenting Blogger and a Life Coach with a specialization in Stepfamily Dynamics, on a mission to  open up the conversation about blended life and debunk the stigma that comes with being a stepmom.


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