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Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and unsure? Do you want coaching, support and community? Are you ready to redefine your stepmom experience and thrive amongst the extra stress?

I created this space just for you! 


The KICK-ASS Stepmom Community is for you if

You experience one or even all of these things: 

  • You feel overwhelmed by the challenges of being a stepmom, but people in your life don't understand
  • You want more content and conversations from Jamie. You're craving solution-focused real talk about the ups and downs of stepmotherhood.
  • You don't just want to vent, you want to create CHANGE. You're looking for strategies to improve relationships and feel more in control. 
  • You want a safe place to go when you're struggling. You want people who get you but will also hold you accountable. 
  • You feel guilty for how you feel about your stepmom experience. It's like you're damned if you do, damned if you don't. 


You want to thrive amidst the extra stress that comes with being a stepmom, but aren't sure how to get there. 



Let's be real for a moment here... 

The Stepmom narrative is BS. The judgement, the double standards, the unrealistic expectations... 

  • Love your stepkids like they're your own, but don't overstep
  • Treat them like they're your own children, but don't discipline them because you're not a real parent
  • Be there for the nitty gritty of parenting, but when the glory moments happen, you need to back up and know your place.

Stepmoms are told they should love their stepkids like they are their own, while stepkids are told, "You don't have to listen to her; she's not your mom." 

As a result, many stepmoms report feeling overwhelmed, unsure, guilty and like an outsider in their own home.

Here's the truth:

It doesn't have to be this way

I can't change the ex, I can't change the legal system, I can't change your stepkids


I can show you how to improve relationships, find your place and minimize the impact the extra stress has on you and your family. 

"This community literally helped transform me. I feel a difference in our home from a year ago, and so does the rest of my family"

- jessica 

The KICK-ASS Stepmom Community

coaching + conversations for stepmoms who want to live a KICK-ASS Life .

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The KICK-ASS Stepmom Community 

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And there is more!

When you join, you'll also get workshops including...


How To
The Right Way

improve relationships + reset the foundation  


Improve Your Relationship With Your Stepkids

these tips are game changing... 


Communicate With Your Partner About Stepmom Stress

without causing a big arse fight... 

Other workshops include How to Prepare for Summer with YOUR stepkids + How To Reset The Foundation Of Your Stepfamily Life.  

Stepmom life doesn't have to feel this hard...

If you're ready, I'll show you how to

  • Minimize the impact that stepfamily stress has on you and your home
  • Have healthy relationships, even with those who don't want to have a healthy relationship with you
  • Minimize conflict 
  • Improve communication skills 
  • Stop feeling so consumed by stepfamily stress 
  • Understand your triggers + feel more confident in your stepfamily life
  • Improve your bounceback rate
  • Revamp your mindset
  • Feel more in control of your life
  • Improve the vibe of your home 
choose the membership option that feels best for you. 

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  • Members Only  Podcast Episodes + Interviews 
  •  Support from Jamie in the chatroom, office hours + coaching calls
  • Individualized Coaching + Support 
  • Access To Office Hours + Private Chatroom
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Hey, I'm Jamie

Sitting on the bathroom floor, bawling my eyes out

wondering what the heck I was thinking marrying a man with three kids and an ex wife. That's how this whole thing started. 

When i went to the internet for support, I was disappointed with what I found. I quickly realized that amidst the overwhelming support for moms, stepmoms were left out to dry. 

While moms are encouraged to keep it real about the challenges that come with motherhood, stepmoms are judged for doing the same. 

After all, we knew what we were signing up for, right? Not!

Despite the lack of resources, I was committed. That day, I decided I was going to do the work. After a lot of work on myself and a lot of work on my family, my stepfamily life changed. 

The stressors are still there. The way I deal with them is completely different. 

when I couldn't find the type of stepmom support I was looking for, I decided to create it

As a Life Coach with a Specialization in Stepfamily Dynamics, former Child Protection Worker, second wife, stepmom and child of divorce, I've created one-of-a-kind resources for stepmoms who want a better way/

My goal is to normalize the struggles that come with blended family life and show stepmoms that it is entirely possible to live a KICK-ASS Life amongst the extra stressors that come with this new modern-day family.

All of that happens in The KICK-ASS Stepmom Community. 

This is for you if:

  • You're looking for strategies to improve relationships, feel more in control and reduce conflict 
  • You're committed to making some changes in how you show up/respond (I'm not sure if you've noticed or not but trying to control others doesn't work) 
  • No more playing the victim. You're going to take control of your own life. 
  • You're done feeling guilty for how you're feeling. The double standards are BS. You're taking control fo your life.

This isn't for you if: 

  • You want to just b*tch and vent. You're not looking for solutions.  
  • You're into wife/stepmom pissing match thing. 
  • You're waiting for other people to change. You'd rather focus on others instead of taking control of your own life. 

It's like I have Jamie on retainer. For less than a dollar a day I can get access to the top stepmom coach online whenever I need it. 

The peace of mind is invaluable"

-  melissa 

Are you ready to improve relationships, minimize conflict, and decrease stress in your stepfamily life?

If so, this is the space for you. Not only will you learn tips, strategies and mindset shifts to transform your stepmom experience - but you'll quickly learn that you're not alone. 



Frequently Asked Questions

The KICK-ASS Stepmom Community has been a lifeline for me through some really difficult times. I don't know what I would have done without the last few years in your community."

- jessica 

here's the deal... 

No more playing the victim. No more feeling guilty.

This wasn't in anyone's five-year plan. But here we are. Now there's a choice. Be consumed by the extra stress and complications or thrive amongst them

Here's what's waiting for you on the other side:

  • Understand that you're not alone. We normalize the real stepmom experience. 
  • Get tips and strategies to improve relationships, minimize conflict and become the expert on your own stepfamily life. (There is no one-size-fits-all approach)
  • Dive deeper into your triggers and what's really going on when you feel like you're spiralling. 
  • Learn about the power of mindset + gratitude. You can think it's fluffy all you want, but this has the power to create major change. 

This community has been a game changer for my family. It has helped to bring peace into my home and relationships.

- jessica 

Jamie is so wise. She just flat out tells you how it is and I loved it. She was so understanding and made me realize I am not alone and most importantly

 that you don’t have to continue living/feeling this way. She opened my eyes to a whole new way to do things, a better attitude, vibe, understanding of my step kids and my husband. Jamie gave me hope. 

I would honestly say marriage, my relationship with my husband and stepkids.  



what this member had to say

This community is a godsend. I have zero close friends or family who are stepmom

and even my friends who have children of their own didn’t understand. Nor could their advice quite fit my situation. This was all solved by the stepmom community. When I read Jamie’s book and listened to her coaching calls and interviews with experts, I laughed because I identified 100% with what I heard, and I still exclaim, “Yes! Bingo! You got it!” even now when I listen and read it again. The advice is spot on and it’s a huge relief to not feel so alone, frustrated and helpless

Kyra said...

Jamie and her membership saved my marriage.  The strategies I have learned over the last several years have been game changing

I am so grateful for this community and I do not think I would be in such a good place with my stepfamily without Jamie's help.



Monthly Membership


per month

  • Members Only Podcast Episodes + Interviews 
  • Support from Jamie in the chatroom, office hours + coaching calls 
  • Individualized Coaching + Support
  • Access to Office Hours + Private Chatroom  
  • All The Workshops 

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  • Members Only  Podcast Episodes + Interviews 
  •  Support from Jamie in the chatroom, office hours + coaching calls
  • Individualized Coaching + Support 
  • Access To Office Hours + Private Chatroom
  • All The Workshops